Thursday, 3 November 2011

Bouncing Ball in a Simple Environment

This is a second bouncy ball animation I did on Maya which is a little more complex than my first animation, as I tried to recreate the movements of a real ball when it is bouncing off of other objects.

Animal Skulls - 3

I like this drawing of a hippopotamus' skull as it has a large and loose feel to it and makes it seem a little abstract looking.

Animal Skulls - 2

I like my drawing of the common toad as I believe it to be quite neat and accurate looking.

Animal Skulls

Here I was observing the skeletal forms of animals and drawing them.  I have to say, I found the elephant skull a little tricky to perfect as I think I drew it slightly out of proportion.

People Doing Things - 5

A friend eating food.

People Doing Things - 4

A girl sitting down playing cards.

People Doing Things - 3

Someone reading a book.